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Chapter 1

A/N: well here we go. my first posting of story on here. yes, its a fanfic. its all i have online. ill try to transfer some other stuff over later. enjoy
Road Kamelot was bored. She was walking through the endless hallways, trying to find someone to play with her, preferably Tyki. It had been like this a lot recently, with everyone of doing their own thing, working on the Earl's big plan. In the end it all added up to Raod being very, very bored, which was exactly why she was going to find Tyki before he went off onto one of his missions.
"Tyki!" she yelled, dragging out the y. "Tyki where are you? I want to play!" She continued to walk through the halls, opening doors and peering into the rooms at random as she went. Eventually she opened a door and came across Tyki, sitting in a chair reading. And smoking, of course.
"Tyki!" Road screamed joyfully, running up and plopping herself down on his lap, "Tyki play with me! I'm bored." With the last words she poked her bottom lip out and pouted cutely.
"No," he replied shortly, not taking is eyes off of his book.
"Aw, come on," she whined, "I'm really bored!"
"Then go entertain yourself," he said, then looked at her as he added, "Meaning without me."
"Fine!" Road shouted, throwing herself from his lap, "I'll go have fun by myself! I don't need you!" With that she stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her, and the sound of her stomping feet faded away into the distance.
"I'm glad she finally realized it," Tyki muttered to himself, flicking ash off the end of his cigarette and turning the page in his book.
. . .
This sucks, Road thought to herself, walking down the street of whatever random town she opened the gate to. I wish Tyki wasn't so mean to me.
As she walked down the street, pouting and kicking rocks, an idea came to her. She could go find a random person to torture! Oh boy! she thought, I shoulda thought of that earlier! This is gonna be fun! With she sped up and started looking for a target, a malicious smile on her face, and plans of what to do already running through her mind.
After she had looked around for maybe twenty minutes, she saw a boy, probably around seventeen, walking down the other side of the street. He was carrying himself with confidence, looking at his surroundings and taking everything in. He was about average height. He was about the height of Allen Walker, Road thought to herself. His straight brown hair hung down to his shoulders, and was brushed out of his eyes, which were an odd shade of hazel, as they had a golden tinge to them, and were warm and deep. But something seemed to be hidden in those depths. Something Road couldn't figure out. This caused her to unconsciously move towards him, still trying to figure out what it was that was hidden. She was so entranced that before she knew it she was right in front of him and they were about to collide.
"Wahh!" she cried out, trying to dodge out of the way, but only managing to trip herself.
"Woah, watch out!" cried the boy, catching her before she could hit the ground. "You okay?" he asked, smiling down at her. If she had thought his eyes were enchanting, his smile was mind blowing. She felt her face flush as she stared up at him and stammered "Y-yes."
"Oh, good," he replied, "I wouldn't want a cute girl like you to get hurt, now would I?"
He called me cute! Road thought bashfully. She then looked up at him and smiled sweetly. "Thank you," she said in a cute voice.
"Oh it's no problem at all," he replied, smiling again, which in turn sent her into another blushing fit. "So what's your name?"
"R-Road," she stammered.
"Hmm," the boy intoned, putting his finger to his chin and looking thoughtful for a second, then looking down at her and smiling again, "That's a good name. It suits a cute girl like you." He rubbed her head affectionately.
"T-Thanks," she said, looking down at her feet, blushing madly again.
"Again, no problem," he replied. He then looked up at the sky, then back to her. "Well," he said cheerfully, "I need to be on my way. See you around, Road." With that he turned to take his leave.
"Wait!" Road cried, grabbing his hand and stopping him.
"Hmm?" he said, raising his eyebrows in question. "What is it?"
"What's your name?" Road asked shyly.
"Ah," the boy replied, "I forgot to tell you. My name is Rin. Nice to meet you."
"Rin…Rin…" Road repeated, as if trying it out. "I like it," she beamed up at him.
"Haha, well I'm glad you approve," he chuckled. "But now that you know my name, it's time for me to get going." He turned to walk away, but Road still kept a firm grip on his hand. He turned and looked back at her again, a questioning look in his eyes.
"I want you to come somewhere with me real quick," Road answered, staring at him fiercly.
"Weeeeeeell," he said, then looked around while thinking. "Alright then, just cus it's you," he said, looking back at her and winking.
"Yay!" Road shouted in excitement. She had finally found someone to play with. And as she walked towards an empty place in which she could summon her heart-shaped door, dragging Rin along behind her, a dark smile spread across her face unseen by him. Yes, she had found someone to play with, and play she would.
And unseen by her, the warm light in the boy named Rin's eyes as he looked at the girl that was leading him was replaced by one that was cold and calculating. And as emotionless as the eyes of a corpse.
A/N: well there you go. chapter one is done. ill have chapter two up ASAP. hope you enjoyed it. comments/concerns? please feel free to let me know. and pleeeeeeeeeease review :) ty

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